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 PRET A PRIER translated from the french means Ready to pray !

It's  a portable and compact praying costume that folds into a small pouch already connected to the attire. It is designed for the modern muslim woman who does not want to miss out on her daily prayers.

Never before has a product made more practical sense and in a stylish language! This pouch is a comfortable praying gear aimed at  facilitating your life ,enabling you to pray on the go without the hastle of carrying several items at a time ..It is compact and fits women of all sizes and it comes in a multitude of prints to suit any style : 5 different designed patterns and  4 plain solid colors.

The best part about it is that you can carry this little light weight pouch in your handbag, fit it in your the glove compartment of your car, take it with you anywhere...proudly!

When its time for prayer this little 20cm pouch opens up in an instant  into a 5m fabric praying gown,and "voila"... you are Pret a Prier!  Ready to pray!