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Sabrina Dobuy Diva

" #pretaprier, what a wonderfully exciting product! I've been meaning to share my thoughts on this product since I came across it a short while ago. It just so happens that I met it's creator/founder, #IsmatMalas, at the #femalebloggersnetwork meetup that I went to recently (check previous blog entry). I spoke to her at length and discovered that she's a lovely person with a humble and simple idea: 'to allow women to pray/worship wherever they are, however they may be dressed.' Finally, a product that isn't focused on making you look more attractive, but on allowing you to focus on your soul and achieve a spiritually elevated state-wherever you are.All too often, there's been that awkward moment where, it's time to pray, and you think 'ooh, hold on, I'm not sure I can pray in this?' (come on, be honest, it's happened to us all). This is where the idea springs from. " 

 -- http://sabrinadobuydiva.blogspot.ae/2014/01/review-pret-prier.html

The Prayer-fect Prayer solution by Pret a Prier


"PRET A PRIER is a super awesome product that is practical for all muslim women whether you cover or not.  Translated in french, Pret a Prier simply means ready to pray.  It is a carry along prayer gown aimed at making it easy for you to stop and pray anywhere and anytime.    This compact pouch 20cm pouch opens up into a 5m fabric praying gown. It will fit in your bag and comes in a variety of stylish, fun prints enabling you to pray on the go.

This is a perfect  ramadan gift to give to your friends and family and just great for the holidays too!!  Imagine being able to gift someone the ease and comfort of being able to pray anywhere; that’s priceless! I cannot wait to get my hands on this product.  Pret a prier’s site is under construction but in the mean time you can find them on Abaya Addict, Sauce Shops in Dubai, Boom and Mellow and Galeries Lafayette at the Dubai Mall." 


-- http://maramostafa.com/pret-a-prier-a-prayer-fect-prayer-solution/


Connaissez vous Prêt-à-Prier?

"C'est une Robe de prière Design, Pratique & Chic.J'adore les motifs, les couleurs et qu'on la range dans une petite Pochette (facile à mettre dans son sac!)

-- http://houseofassia.blogspot.fr/2013/11/pret-prier.html?m=1


A Ramadan Give Away  2014


by Mayya Al Said aka The Sewist